About Catalyst

We lead with strategy, always.

And we’re always pushing the envelope and asking ourselves what it is that we don’t know.

Our passion comes from years of experience helping brands, big and small, connect with their audiences and drive business.

Our goal is to delight you and show you a return.


Our team is comprised of strategists, creatives, technicians, and doers. We are a mighty group of craftsmen that will help you grow your business.

For each client, we handpick the right team of experts with skills that match your needs.

By design, no two client teams are alike.


Our values are the essence of our identity and define our corporate culture.

We believe the following:

  • take care of each other
  • approach conflict as your best self
  • make time to have fun and laugh out loud
  • delight clients
  • give back
  • always look for a better way

You’ll even find our core values hanging on the Catalyst walls.


We are a company founded on tenacity, integrity, and humor.

We know that opportunities don’t happen. You need to create them.

Let us help you create yours.


Meet Our Founders

Robin Emiliani, Partner

Refusing to be bored and forever optimistic, Robin is relentless in building a team that nurtures employees and pushes them to strive for more.

With almost 20 years experience leading global marketing teams, she’s also the bullsh*t meter and will call out situations that don’t make sense. Her career’s work is predominantly in high tech, supporting software, hardware and IT services companies that market to C-level executives.

She is passionate about crafting strategic marketing plans and helping companies build integrated campaigns that lead to revenue growth.

Gem Swartz, Partner

Filterless and fearless, Gem is the ultimate communicator and master of client relationships. She’s also the one we warn others about.

Gem is from the Bay Area and her experience is broad, working with both B2B and B2C clients like Duraflame, Quick Weight Loss Centers, Catellus, Sutter Health, Siemens, Covidien and Microsoft, among others.

Gem’s experience and tenacity will help you build a high-performing team. Ask any of her clients about her commitment and dedication to bringing you best in class service.

Amanda Gregory, Partner

Amanda knows the art of creating a brand. Working with big names like Pepsi, Izze, Mars and Allstate, she has the experience to help you identify your brand’s promise, character, values, and purpose.

With her finger on the pulse of Denver, she can advise you on the best places to eat and then the best places to workout and burn it off. 

She applies her 15+ years of big agency experience to Catalyst clients, helping them define their brands and tell their story. If you’re lucky enough to attend one of her workshops, you’ll see what we mean.