5 Tips for Trade Show Success

Robin Emiliani  /  Oct 15, 2017

Considering attending a trade show? Don’t get lost in a sea of exhibits. Instead follow these simple tips so you stand out and maximize your investment.


  1. Do Your Homework
    Did you know there are an estimated 50,000 exhibitions globally every year? Make sure you select the right show based on your sales and marketing goals. (And your budget.) Be sure to confirm that your key prospects will be in attendance and set up meetings with them 4-6 weeks in advance. If they’re not going, and they’re VIPs, consider buying them a ticket.
  2. Set Show Goals
    For most companies, trade shows are more about networking than selling. However, that doesn’t mean you can overlook the importance of setting clear strategies, objectives and goals. An integral part of this process is gaining alignment with all the key stakeholders in your organization. Once you have established these measures for success, bake in tactics that help you ensure results. Like sponsoring an internal contest for those employees running the booth.
  3. Design A Disruptive Booth
    Is everyone else zigging? Then you should look for a way to zag. Material, size, footprint and color are all ways your booth can stand out in a crowd. However, it’s critical to be smart about the booth design. The look and feel should always represent the brand and be “on equity” with any available marketing style-guides. Other elements, like interactive displays, can be incorporated into the booth to drive engagement and further disrupt at the show.
  4. Create Buzz
    Do you ever power walk past the lifeless exhibits to get to the ones with all the people? Of course you do…everyone does. Be sure to be a busy booth by passing out a desirable and noticeable tchotchke. A person carrying around your giveaway advertises your booth at the convention. And when they take the promotional item home, it extends your brand’s reach even further. Raffling off a higher-end giveaway is a must-do for lead generation. And hosting an activity, like a putting challenge or happy hour, is a great way to drive engagement. Refreshments are also guaranteed to attract a crowd. Last but not least, look for ways to publicize your booth and its location in convention materials or in other relevant mediums.
  5. Do Your Homework, Again
    The convention is over but the work is not done. It’s important to follow up on all leads generated at the show. It’s also important to measure success against the set strategies, objectives and goals. A key part of this evaluation is to identify opportunities for the next show.


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