How to Make Your Marketing More Human

Robin Emiliani  /  Apr 03, 2017

Marketing, by definition, involves human interaction. One human strives to sell a product or service to another human, and marketing bridges the gap. But what happens when your marketing is as robotic as Westworld? You miss the marketing mark and end up back at square one as you revamp your efforts yet again. Let’s keep your marketing moving forward by changing your focus to create a human-centric campaign.

Cash or Character

The purpose of a marketing campaign is to make money for your business. That’s your bottom line. However, if you approach a potential customer and push your product on them, you can almost bank on their negative response. The problem occurs when marketing ignores the obvious: that humans have emotions and crave connections. We might be living in a world overtaken by technology, but at our core, we all want the same thing. Humans crave human experiences.

Human Era of Marketing

Take your consumer concept to the next level with the idea of the Human Era, which is filled with heart. Start by accepting that your customers want to do more than just buy your product. They want to buy into the meaning of your company. They want an authentic connection to your business. If they don’t agree with the mission or values of your company, then they are not going to support it financially. But how do you do this from your current marketing perspective?

  • Develop customer empathy.
  • Admit your company’s mistakes, as these inevitably occur.
  • Sound and act like humans in marketing campaigns, going a step further to mimic your target consumer.
  • Do not be boring. Be fun, energetic, fresh…be the cool company that everyone wants to work for or be a part of.
  • Care about the fine details of your business, such as shipping complaints, social media trolling, product recalls, etc., with full attention.

​By taking these steps, you will build up your company to be a business that empowers its customers. You give your customers the ability to actually become your brand, which is the ultimate goal in Human Era marketing.

Your Denver Marketing Agency

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