The Hottest 2024 Marketing Trends

Nicolette Pellerin  /  Jan 22, 2024

What we think are the top 2024 marketing trends…

What’s that knock-knockin’ at the door? It’s 2024, and it’s about to kick the damn door down if you don’t open it. Seriously, there’s a lot coming, and it would behoove you to stay ahead of the curve lest you get left behind. 

The trifecta of technology, consumer behavior, and societal shifts will be converging to change life as we know it, well, at least marketing life as we know it. How businesses connect with their audience will be a bit same-same but different. More robots, a new generation of social media, and just like the Grinch, consumers’ hearts will be growing thrice their size with conscious consumerism taking center stage. 

It’s time to adapt and champion innovation if you want to succeed. 

The robots are here to stay, so get comfortable with AI and AR

The future is now. Artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and the metaverse have been the talk of the town and will continue to be throughout 2024. So, if you’re still shaking your fist at the sky, it’s time to let down your guard and get comfortable with it. Resistance to growth and change will get you nowhere. 

We get it. It can be challenging to adapt to using AI, and you might feel like it’s a little too out-of-touch or impractical for everyday business operations. But listen, if you want to control the robots and not the other way around, you at least have to know how they work. 

We predict that 2024 will be the year of human integration. What we mean by this is that human intuition, emotion, critical thinking, and creativity will drive how data and AI integrate into our worlds. It will start with new behaviors like searching the internet. We will all get more clever in asking questions—fundamentally forcing us to get out of the echo chambers created by the algorithmic world we currently live in.

From streamlining operational processes to sparking creative ideation, understanding and integrating AI into your day-to-day operations will be paramount for success in 2024. Last year was more or less a guinea pig year for accessible AI. We spent the past year acclimating to the new phenomenon, but now that we’ve gotten over our fears of robots taking over, 2024 will be the year AI truly takes shape in business and marketing strategy. 

In addition to AI, augmented reality (AR) is set to become a game-changer in 2024. Marketers will leverage AR to create immersive brand experiences, allowing consumers to interact with products in real time. We’re already seeing virtual try-ons for retail to AR-powered advertisements, and that’s just the start. This tech is already redefining the way customers engage with brands.

But wait, there’s more! The concept of the metaverse is not just for gamers; it’s a new frontier for marketers. Brands will continue to explore opportunities to engage with consumers in virtual spaces, creating immersive experiences, virtual storefronts, and branded events. Imagine a world where consumers don’t just watch advertisements but actively participate in them, shaping their experiences and influencing the narrative. Early adoption of metaverse marketing will give brands a distinct advantage in 2024. 

Social media isn’t what it used to be

Social media constantly changes. From AIM chat rooms to MySpace to Facebook and Instagram, there’s another big shift occurring, and it’s not just changing platforms; it’s changing how platforms are used. It’s not so much to connect anymore; it’s about getting information and using that information to buy stuff. Because who doesn’t need more stuff? More on conscious consumerism in a minute.

As user behavior evolves, social media is becoming a go-to destination for information retrieval. And that information will lead to sales. Have you ever turned to TikTok to find a new recipe? Product review? Gift guide? We’d be lying if we said we haven’t… 

Social media strategy will play a pivotal role for marketers in 2024, as the number of Gen Z and millennials who turn to social media, such as TikTok, for information continues to rise. While there is some danger in misinformation spreading like wildfire, social media becoming a go-to source for factual, accurate information about your brand or product will propel you to success—and more sales. 

So, as people learn about a new product, why not give them the option to buy it right then, right there? Some companies are already embracing this as social media platforms are evolving into fully-fledged marketplaces. In 2024, more brands will capitalize on social commerce by integrating features directly into social media platforms, providing a seamless shopping experience for users. 

Another thing that’s here to stay is personalized content. We’re a selfish culture. We like things to be about us, for us, and the way we want it. In the realm of social media, this translates into a tailored feed that aligns with each user’s unique interests—without the user having to lift a finger. Users are now treated to a curated selection of posts, videos, and advertisements that cater to their individual tastes. Marketers must be keenly aware of this, as personalization will continue to be a critical way to break through the clutter in 2024. 

Conscious consumerism makes a name for itself

In an effort to shed (or maybe at least mask?) our rampant selfishness, we’ve seen a trend where a brand’s values are eclipsing sheer attractiveness as conscious consumerism is on the rise. It’s not enough for a brand to have a great product; they need to evolve to be a company that cares about what their target audience cares about. It’s egocentric but in a good way. 

People are starting to care more about the planet, specifically climate change and environmental concerns. Better late than never, right? That said, consumers are rapidly becoming more eco-conscious in their spending habits. Marketing strategies that highlight a commitment to social responsibility, eco-friendly initiatives, and ethical sourcing will resonate with an increasingly discerning customer base in 2024. 

Along with eco-friendly initiatives, consumers increasingly demand authenticity and representation in the brands they engage with. The next generation doesn’t want to be simply sold. They want to be included and persuaded in a way that makes sense to them. And it’s about damn time if we’re being honest. 

Authenticity. Inclusivity. Equality. None of these are new things. But what is new is how rapidly they have become uber-important to Gen Z and Gen Alpha (yep, that new generation born in the 2010s). These generations are defining cultural ideals and behaviors. We need to look at “culture” as a network of values, convictions, and social practices that help define how the brands we work with, including our own, show up in the world.

As marketers, we’re being asked to step it up. Brands that authentically embrace and prioritize diversity in their messaging and visuals will resonate with a broader audience and build stronger connections with customers. Especially as Gen Z’s influence on the market expands, it’s imperative that diversity, equity, and inclusion stay top of mind for marketers.

The marketing landscape in 2024 is dynamic and filled with opportunities for brands willing to adapt and innovate. From embracing the metaverse to prioritizing sustainability, the key to success lies in staying ahead of the curve. 

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Cheers to opening the door to a whole new year of marketing magic!


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