Top 5 Tips for Marketing in High Tech

Robin Emiliani  /  Apr 10, 2017

High tech marketing can be challenging. You’re dealing with complicated products and services that have to be explained – simply. Plus you have to reach the right audience at the right time, AND stay engaged with them even after they become customers.

We’ve been doing marketing for high tech for a number of years, so here are some tips to consider when engaging with your prospects.

  1. Humanization
    This is probably the most important tip we can provide. Just because you’re selling something technical or complicated doesn’t mean it has to sound that way. So make sure your communications tell a story that’s easy to understand, and be sure to leave out the technical jargon.
  1. Content Creation
    If lead generation is your goal, then commit to creating lots of rich, engaging content. Good content not only entices search engine spiders, but it also turns readers into customers. When developing materials, consider the timing and the channels. Certain types of content should be delivered at the right stages of the sales funnel – awareness, consideration and decision. Engaging, well-timed content expedites the sales cycle and makes prospects become customers faster.
  1. Marketing Automation
    Tools in your B2B marketing toolbox make your campaigns more efficient. Leverage platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Eloqua to create targeted campaigns that you can easily modify, clone and scale. With marketing automation, you’re able to increase conversions and streamline your lead generation processes. Plus you can track your progress and enhance your campaigns when needed.
  1. Social Media Marketing
    For the B2B high-tech market, don’t be afraid to increase your social media presence. You’re most likely to gain traction with LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, and Google+, in that order. And the best marketing automation tools allow you to integrate the data from your social channels, so you have visibility to the types of content that resonate most.
  1. Outsourcing High-Tech Marketing
    ​Any business worth its growth hires the experts to handle specialized tasks. Outsourcing B2B marketing resources when needed ensures your software, hardware, cloud or IT service company is taking marketing seriously. This is where Catalyst steps in. We fill in your team’s gaps and provide high-tech marketing solutions that help your company grow.

While marketing for high tech organizations can be difficult, consider the tips above and ask for help when needed.



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