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Every project we do starts with you. Your strategy. Your goals. Your customers. And once we understand all that? Our experienced team of creative pros steps in to take on your lead gen, content marketing, and more.

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10 things to look for in an agency partner

Not sure how to evaluate your agency partners? Check out what we would look for. (And, hey, we’re biased, but we think we’re pretty damn good at all these things.)

01 Passion for your success.
Your agency shouldn’t just love creativity—they should be passionate about your ideas and your business success. They bring you new ideas, fresh perspectives, and thoughtful business cases for why you should try something new. They’re dedicated, tenacious, and empathic.
02 Data-driven approaches.
Choose an agency that prioritizes testing, learning, and iterating. Great creative is one thing, 
but creative that works, creative that drives real-world results—that’s playing in a whole other ballgame. This approach means you can be confident in your investments and do more with less.
03 Creative that elevates and differentiates.
Want your customers to sit up and pay attention? You need an agency that will help you stand 
out—especially in our ever more marketing-saturated world.
04 Ease and chemistry.
Your agency should make your life easier—not harder. This goes beyond killer strategy and flawless execution. You need a partner whose calls you look forward to, who energizes and inspires you and your team. Pay attention to your chemistry on the first call and in those first projects. If your partner is taking more energy than they’re adding, time to give them the boot.
05 Genuine care for their talent.
Burned out agency employees aren’t going to do their best work for your team. Which is why your agency should encourage well-earned vacations and prioritize health, mental health, and self-improvement. Agencies that stress out their employees simply can’t show up for you the way you need them to.
06 Flexibility.
Your agency should be able to scale up and down to meet your needs. Ask about their contractor list. Do they have the talent on call to scale up for a big opportunity?
07 Budget consciousness.
Expansive overhead and benched resources? No thanks, not in today’s slim-budget times. 
Look for an agency that values its work but doesn’t inflate your budgets unnecessarily.
08 Top talent.
Look for an agency where there is no B team. Everyone is there because they’re wildly talented and experienced. Results and testimonials will help you suss this out.
09 Speed and responsiveness.
Choose an agency with nimble processes and small teams on each project. Lengthy approval processes and 50+ people weighing in will only slow down the move from ideation to execution.
10 Big-picture thinking.
You need a partner who can get things done in the now. But even more importantly, you 
need someone who has your long-term success in mind. What can we do now that will pay 
off in six months, a year, five years? Choose an agency that can juggle quick wins with long-term growth strategies.

If you’re yelling “yes” at the screen right now, we’d love to talk about how we can support you. Let’s chat.