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Account Executive
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Senior Production Manager
Account Supervisor
Digital Media Specialist

We believe belly laughs are the best exercise, stopping to smell the cupcakes is essential, and strategy is the foundation of marketing. If you agree with one or more of those statements, you might be a fit for our powerhouse team.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us anyway. We’d love to have your resume on file.

Our values
We take care of each other.
We delight our clients.
We assume good intent, but we aren’t afraid to ask.
We energize and exude joy.
We advocate for inclusion.
We’re bold and we take risks.

So, tell us about you…
Intrigued? We’d love to hear about you. What kind of position are you looking for? What skills are you bringing to the table? Drop us a line and get on our radar for new openings. 

We offer medical, dental, and vision plans, 401(k) and profit-sharing, and a monthly wellness allowance you can use toward everything from gym memberships to professional massages.

We also offer professional development opportunities and a lifestyle enhancement program equal to one month’s salary per year. You can put that toward paid time off, family or volunteer needs, tuition reimbursement, childcare, commuting expenses, etc.


Why Catalyst?
Why should you think about joining the team? Here are five reasons:

1. It’s all about the people.
We’re smart marketers and also real people. Whisky-lovers, snark-havers, board game crushers, dog moms, and 14er summiters. In the office, we talk strategy (and Bravo shows and the best places to eat) and on the ski runs, we slice through fresh powder. We like working together, and we’re always looking for a good culture fit.  

2. Collaboration!
We believe that collaboration makes the difference between mediocre marketing and big wins. You’ll never find yourself siloed here.

3. We’re committed to wellness.
Burnout is bullshit—and yet it’s an industry norm. We’re trying to change that. Work-life balance, healthy lifestyles, playing hard, and working hard—these are our norms. And we’re committed to them every day of the week. This is why we offer things like our monthly wellness allowance that can cover gym memberships, massages, mani/pedis, yoga, and more.

4. Work on creative projects for top brands.
Want to grow your creative skills, stretch the edges of your abilities, and do it all for brands that excite you? Check, check, and check over here.

5. Did we mention that we’re fun?
Creative work should be fun—and so should life. We are here for marketing chats, harrowing ski slope tales, and celebrating not just your work successes, but your life wins, too.