It was kismet

Two Powerful Women Meeting in a coffee shop. Robin was hiring. Gem was interviewing to be hired. The stars aligned and the one-hour meeting turned to two, then three.

Two foodies who never skip lunch barely even noticed that the lunch hour had ticked on by, even as they bonded over a love of queso and bacon donuts.

It was—in short—love at first sight. Two sides of a zipper coming together. Two marketing experts finding that their personalities and expertise were a perfect match.

So, it surprised approximately no one when the two teamed up 
to bring their marketing superpowers together and run Catalyst Marketing Agency, where they now spend their days delivering 
bold marketing that performs and delights.

Contact us now to find out how we can help on the way to your 
next success story.

Catalyst is a creative marketing agency.

We exist to jolt your creativity. To pull your team out of its rut. To take some of the burden off your shoulders and infuse your marketing with fresh perspectives. What makes us different? It’s our focus on you.

It is our collaborative approach with our clients that moves the needle on real business goals. Like when we helped Adobe earn 6X the average click-through rate on an omnichannel media campaign. Or increased the San Francisco Marathon’s annual revenues by 14%. Or boosted NetApp’s email open rates by a whopping 400% (and click-throughs by 300%).

In other words: we thrive by helping you reach your most audacious marketing goals. (And if that sounds good, let’s get started.)