A dash of inspiration from some badass working moms

Robin Emiliani  /  May 07, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day! As a women-run business, you can bet that Catalyst is all about celebrating women—including the women who raised us and the women around us raising the next generation, be they bio moms, aunties, or bonus-moms. You are heroes. Full stop.

Today, we wanted to bring the moms of Catalyst together to share their insights on working and parenting. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Mariah Kamei

“Being a mom is the ultimate master class in patience and empathy. I think understanding that all humans, from the tiniest ones to the most jaded ones, need grace and understanding has made me a better manager and leader.

My advice to new working moms? You aren’t going to be able to do it all and have it all. That’s B.S. Sometimes you’re going to feel like a bad mom. Sometimes you’re going to feel like you dropped a ball at work. So, please be kind to yourself. Trust me, you are enough just as you are.”

Gem Swartz

“Being a mom has helped me prioritize, asking: What’s really worth my time, and where can I make the biggest impact?

My advice for new working moms is to carve out quality time with your kiddos and be proud of the contribution you’re making at the office. Your kids will be proud of you too, even if they don’t say it at the time. It’ll shape how they work and contribute to their workplaces when it is their turn.”

Ariel Lawrence

“Getting ready to bring my first child into the world has given me so much more compassion and respect for working moms around me, as well as my single-parent mother who truly did it all. And to you—my fellow soon-to-be moms who are working while pregnant, who have to excuse themselves during a meeting to quickly throw up due to morning sickness—so much respect.

The hardest part so far is balance. There is still a lot to do to get ready (birthing plans, registries, maternity leave schedules, etc.). Getting everything ready and still kicking ass at work means taking it day by day.”

Brooke Kirk

“Something important to me is having my kids feel they are part of my work. My daughter, at the age of four, was playing around in photoshop making ‘kid art.’ All three of my kids would take knowledge of my work into their school assignments. And ‘bring your child to work day’ was so much fun, with activities and marketing exercises that made them feel a sense of accomplishment. They looked forward to it every year.

My advice is to make it clear that your kids are more important than anything. Engage them with your work at times, whether teaching or letting them come in on camera and say hi or give you a hug during a Zoom meeting.”

Robin Emiliani

“Come hell or high water, I will not only meet the client deadline, but I will also make it to the baseball game on time. My time management skills: killer. Thanks to my babies for teaching me how to get shit done. I also don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. Shit happens. It’s going to keep happening, so learn from it and move on quickly.

My advice for new working moms? If you’re sitting at a baseball game and someone criticizes you for not being present and giving it your full attention, tell them to fuck right on off. Tell them your son is happy you’re there and he’s appreciative that you’re working hard so that he can play on the team.”

The point? Moms are powerful, and moms are human. We’re all figuring out how to balance our lives. On the days when you feel alone and overwhelmed and you just cannot do it all, remember this: you are enough. Extend yourself some grace. And know that we are with you. You aren’t as alone as you think.


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